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G.A.L.S. SQUAD Coaching Programs

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All packages include: -1 DISC Consultation (with exception to Brand Brilliance package-see details below) -5 coaching sessions focused on package choice -Access to our exclusive G.A.L.S. Community “Be a GAL” Membership for duration of coaching package 1. Diva Confidence Mastery: Dawn Renee Step into your power and embrace your inner D.I.V.A. with our Confidence Mastery Program. Designed for women who are ready to unleash their confidence, authenticity, and magnetic presence, this program provides the tools, techniques, and support needed to radiate D.I.V.A.lisciousness in every aspect of life. 2. Leadership Empowerment Intensive: PattyLynn Gossman Empower yourself and elevate your leadership skills with our exclusive Leadership Empowerment Intensive. Designed for Chapter Leaders committed to maximizing their impact and effectiveness, this intensive coaching program provides personalized guidance, support, and strategies to help you thrive in your leadership role. 3. Brand Brilliance Package (VBC): Amanda Goff Elevate your brand strategy with our Brand Brilliance Package. Uncover personalized solutions that amplify your brand's impact and resonance and delve into your brand identity that authentically reflects who you are. From defining your brand story to refining your visual elements, we'll guide you every step of the way toward creating a brand that stands out and resonates with your audience. 4. Self-Discovery Journey: (SSP) Myhriah Young Experience profound self-discovery and personal growth with our Self Discovery Journey. Undergo a comprehensive assessment of your strengths, motivations, and communication style using our Ideal Life Assessment. With personalized coaching and guidance, you'll gain invaluable insights into your unique talents, preferences, and areas for development. By understanding yourself on a deeper level, you'll unlock your true potential, cultivate a greater sense of purpose, and take meaningful steps toward living the life you desire.

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