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GALbassador |Vendor Care Team Page

The Place For All Things GAL-A-CON! We will update this page as we go...


Hey ladies,

Please bookmark this page, as it is an exclusive page, just for you.

We will continue to update it as we go and while we will send you emails, we will also add to this page here, so you can find everything in one place.

Before you begin; make sure to click on this G.A.L.S. Upbeat playlist for a great music background!


Now let's get started! As a GALbassador and/or Vendor, you'll enjoy:

Ticket to Attend the Event:

We are doing something a little different with this event. Not only are we asking for Experiential Vendors and/or GALbassadors if relevant, but we want to curate an event that leads to connection and fun. So, we are asking you to attend the event as you are able. We only have a couple of vendors who are going to be setup all day; the rest of you, we would ask that you get to know the ladies attending on a different level. We know that business happens through relationship and our ladies are very loyal when they know, like, and trust you. So, if you are not "on" during a session, please plan to join us for the fun!

The Slumber Party, 4 Room Experience is also included in your ticket for Friday & Saturday night. Please let me know if you would prefer a different option:

-2 Room Share-$150/night
-Single Room-Book with our Group Rate HERE

Plus + Ticket Form: Don't forget you get to enjoy GAL-A-CON with one of your besties! Please send them this form, so we can make sure they get all of the GAL-A-CON Goodies!


GALbassador Ticket Discount:

Plus Discount ticket code for your audience of $100 off the ticket price. Remember that their rooms for Friday & Saturday night are covered if they do the Slumber Party, 4-Person Room Experience and join a Room SQUAD.

Plus you will receive $25 when a lady uses your coupon code! Woot woot!

Room Share Hostess Opportunity:


We are looking for Room SQUAD Leaders to facilitate the Slumber Party, 4-Person Room Experiences. Some fun things come with this:

  • Pick the Room Theme

  • Mini-Slumber Party Kits will be added to the room Friday & Saturday night

  • Interaction & Challenges with Room SQUAD beforehand. Compete with your Room SQUAD to win the Annual Spirit Stick award at the Saturday Night GALa!


-Training: We know that many ladies have experienced the "not-so-fun" slumber party nights, so we are going to do all that we can to help this be a fun, drama-free environment.

We are planning a Room SQUAD Leader Training on Friday, June 21st at:

4pm PDT | 5pm MDT | 6pm CDT | 7pm EDT

We want to make sure that we set you up for success to help facilitate a Drama-Free, Fun environment for your room. This is a great time to ask questions, give ideas, and learn some logistical & practical skills for leading a room of women. We will also be diving a bit into the DISC Personalities & Love Languages, and how to understand them to have a great experience! 

**Please note: If you are attending the VIP Slumber Party, you will not be able to be a room hostess. If you are room sharing, you will still have a room and a mini-slumber party kit on Saturday evening, but you will have a different setup than our other attendees.

Multiple points of Collaboration and Promotions for you!

Please make sure that we have your Headshot & Logo, if you haven't already (If we sent you a graphic, you are good to go). Click on these links to upload yours; if it won't let you, you can email them to

Headshot Folder

Logo Folder


Myhriah's love language is gifts, so you will receive many on our journey to the event. They will be emailed to you, but you will also find any relevant links to them here:

1. Gift in the mail: We have a special mission for you outlined in the letter you received with the gift. Please upload it HERE.

2. Here is a Chat GPT Walkthrough to help you create WIN-WIN-WIN Social Media Content that will serve be a win for you, for us, and for our audiences! This can be used for any event you are planning to be a part of. Find it HERE. If you have never used AI before, that is ok; there is a video tutorial included.

Swipe Files-Coming soon!


Link to more info:

More info coming soon!

Connection Threads:

Share Your Dress in the Facebook Community:

More to come!

Pink Liquid


Macrame Texture Pattern

Payment Plans


Your Ultimate Passport to Experiencing Connection in a Whole New Way!

  • PP: GALbassador Package

    Every month
    Fees are applied=$125; Unlock VIP perks as a GALbassador! Elevate your GAL-A-CON experience.
    Valid for 5 months
    • GALbassador Ticket Discount
    • Room Share Hostess Opportunity (room cost covered)
    • Spirit Stick Room Competition
    • Mini Slumber Party Kit
    • Theme Selection for Room
    • Pre-Event Challenges and Activities
    • Promotional Opportunities
    • Exclusive Networking Events
    • Recognition and Appreciation
  • PP: GALbassador + VIP Slumber Party

    Every month
    Fees applied=$425; GAL-A-CON experience with our exclusive GALbassador + VIP Slumber Party Package!
    Valid for 5 months
    • Exclusive Friday Night VIP Slumber Party SWAG and goodies!
    • All the fun things you wanted as a young girl!
    • With the luxury for a professional woman!
    • GALbassador Ticket Discount
    • Room Share Hostess Opportunity (room cost covered)
    • Spirit Stick Room Competition
    • Theme Selection for Room
    • Pre-Event Challenges and Activities
    • GALbassador Care Team: Promotional Opportunities
    • Exclusive Networking Events
    • Recognition and Appreciation
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